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Account Manager

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This is an easy to use application where the user can register their revenues ( fixed / other ) , separate the expenses into fixed, credit cards, bank accounts and others.The application requires the user to categorize each type of income / expense in order to generate graphs of monthly monitoring of your expenses grouped by category . The user can scroll the chart to the right or left shifting thus the reference month . This feature shows the user where he is spending more and where it should save, for example .
In the credit cards registration, its necessary to inform the day of payment for the card ( for control purposes only) and the closing date, which itself will be used as a base to launch expenses for the current month or the following one.
In the registration expenses by credit card / other , the user can enter a number of installments in which the system will distribute evenly , in subsequent months according to the total installments of purchase made . This value can be the total purchase price or the value of the parcel , simply inform the user if the value refers to the total purchase price or market value of the parcel , if you tell that the value refers to the total application will split the total amount of the installments and distribute the months , if the user informs that the value is related to a portion of the purchase application will also distribute the value reported in the subsequent months .
Note that if the date entered for card spending is greater than the closing date, such expenses will be accounted for in the following month , generating a provision of credit card spending .
In the registration of revenue / expenditure fixed tables are generated automatically every month , being able to change or delete an expense / income in case it has not occurred in the month in question .
The home screen of the application includes some basic information such as user name , the provision of balance ( all income - all expenses registered ) and a chart showing monthly expenses grouped by category . You can put your photo if you wish , just click the image and take a Picture !
The Accounts screen will display a listing , monthly revenue / expenses accrued in the month showing the monthly balance ( other than the initial screen where the balance is global) .
The screen of expenses / income includes a listing , monthly , of all income / expenses that occurred in the month . In the case of an expense installments ( credit card purchase ) displays the date refers to the date of original purchase and will distribute the costs with the number of the portion that will be paid . In the top right corner is a button that will list all expenses already registered user .
This application was developed at first , in order to manage personal accounts, so any enhancement requests will be welcomed and implemented as soon as possible .
This version has no restriction on amount of records.
For any help or functionality request, please send me an email and i will make possible to solve the request.